10 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya….

Meghalaya is one of the best states in the northeast for destinations. It’s considered the hotspot of all things cultural and natural,existing in sheer harmony with constructive human efforts. Could you let’s know about the best ten destination place in Meghalaya?

1. Mawlynnong village:-
Asia’s cleanest village and one of the best visiting places in Meghalaya. It is a village blessed with natural beauty and archeological sites. It is one of the popular visiting places for the nature lover. Mawlynnong waterfall is the best attraction here.

2. Laithlum Canyon:-
it is the best place for a true trekker. Many hues, from browns to reds at sunrise and sunset, are just outstanding. The Lwai falls one of the visitor attractions here.

3. Double Decker living root bridge:-
This place is the heart of the rainiest place in India, Cherapunjee. cherapunjee in Meghalaya is also known worldwide as one of the unique natural places with Peace. It is best to place for vacation and kick out all the tension.

4. Lalong park:-
it is just about 10 km from Jowai, the hidden gem in Meghalaya. This park is covered with natural beauty and shining views, which attract most visitors. The Myndtu river and valley is the point of attraction here.

5.Balpakram National park:-
It is the best place for visiting the wildlife lovers. It is one place in Meghalaya for all levels of nature enthusiasts. Along with flora and fauna, this place is the home of various types of birds.

6. Don Bosco center for indigenous culture:-
The DBCIC in Meghalaya is best known for its history and anthropology. The museum and the library house if the museum is the point of attraction for visitors.

7. Umiam Lake:-
In Meghalaya, the Umiam lake is made from the reservoir built due to the dam here. It is best to visit the place during the winter season, and those who love boating and water enjoying, this lake is the best ever.

8. All saints church:-
This church is the capital city of the Megha and one of the places to visit if you love architecture and nature. It’s the best place to kick out your pain and enjoy the must.

9. Mawsmai Cave:
This is eerily dark and has cramped and narrow paths entwined with each other that make sense of a popular destination place. The glorious stalagmite and stalactite formation is the adventure place here.

10. Mawthadraishan peak:-
It is a place of four landmark views in one frame. Himalaya in the North, Bangladesh in the South, Khasi in the East, and Garo in the West. And its natural beauty and picturesque view is the best attraction for visitors.

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