Chhatisgarh the Best city of joy and tourism….Know the 10 most popular visiting place in Chhattisgarh……

Chhattisgarh is one of India’s rare tourist destinations full of Joy and loving memory. It is the home of natural beauty and cultural heritage and has many unique places to visit. Let’s comes to know about the ten best tourist place in Chhattisgarh.

1. Chitrakote Falls:-
It is also known as the mini-Niagara fall of India, and its horse-shaped waterfalls make it more beautiful. The falls are covered with natural beauty and have lots of things here. That’s the most popular place here.

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2. Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary:-
It is one of the famous touristy places in Chhattisgarh. This sanctuary is the home to Bar and Nawapara forest village, the most attractions for the tourist.

3. Bhoramdeo Temple:-
The Bhormadeo Temple is another sun temple and the most attractive destination for tourists in Chhattisgarh. This temple, also called the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh, was built around the 7th century. The view of the temple makes sense for a visit here.

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4. Raipur City:-
Raipur, the capital city of Chhattishgarh that exists since the 9th century. Historians, archaeologists, and others enthusiastically visit Raipur to explore the past. The Mahant Ghasidas memorial museum, Doodhadhari monastery, and temple are the attraction of visitors.

5. Sirpur Heritage site:-
It is the most beautiful tourists place in Chhattisgarh. Its traditional cultural heritage and architecture are the gift of the Lord for visitors. Its Laxman Temple is one of the best visiting places here.

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6. Rajim:-
Chhattishgarh boasts a rich cultural heritage and a beautiful ancient temple. Rajim is one place where one can find the artistic side of Chhattisgarh. It. It is also known as the Prayag of Chhattisgarh and also one part of the tribe Sangha.

7. Maitri Bagh:-
Maitri Bagh Garden and the zoo are great places to spend your day with family and friends. The visitors most love the massive musical fountain, boating facilities, and its zoo.

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8. Dongargarh:-
It is considered the top pilgrimage destination of chhattChhattisgarhlso a top tourist place. Maa Bamlesshwari temple at the top of the hill is famous here.

9. Bhuteshwar Shivaling:-
it is one of the fantastic sites in Chhattisgarh and popular for its enormous shivling, the biggest in the world. The holy month of Shravan is the best time for its visit.

10. Tirathgarh Falls:-
One of the famous tourist places having the beauty of nature and an amazing location. One can happily spend some time with his family and friends and have lots of fun here.

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