Top 10 most popular and famous places to visit in West Bengal

West Bengal is a city of crazy, rich diversity, spectacular locations, breathtaking natural wonders, and more. The great fighter Rabindranath Tagore’s West Bengal is one of India’s top destinations for peace lovers. What are the ten beautiful destination places in West Bengal?


1. Kolkata:-

it’s the 3rd most populated and cosmopolitan city in India. Educationally, commercially and culturally ahead, Kolkata is a leading drama, arts, theatre, and literature hub. Its natural beauty is the most fabulous place to visit.

2. Shantiniketan:-

The place where the great poet Rabindra Math Tagore is still alive. The magnificent beauty of Shantiniketan gets glorified even more with its art gallery, museum, and mainly by the Upasna Griha, where people meditate.

3.Sundarbans National Park,:-

One of the most famous West Bengal tourist spots for a long time, having the largest mangrove forest across the globe, is gaining popularity amongst wildlife enthusiasts daily. It is also listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, famous for the royal Bengal tiger.

4. Kalimpong:-

This tourist place in West Bengal also opens to many exciting destinations such parks,arks; it’s art, and culture. Everything is ready to get memory for a visit.

5. Darjeeling:-

It is the top hill station to visit in West Bengal; everything in Darjeeling is ethereal and exceptionally stunning, from the splendid view of Kanchenjunga to exploring expansive tea gardens.

6. Midnapore:-

The most attractive destination place in WB. Known for its natural beauty, historical significance, and fantastic landscape, Midnapore is an excellto visitor visiting.

7. Mayapur:-

The heavenly location for devotees of Lord Krishna, Mayapur, is known for its pilgrimage significance. The Vedic spiritual leader Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is considered an avatar of Lord Krishna was also took birth on this land.

8. Kamarpukur:-

The western city of West Bengal, Kamarpukur, is known for its artistic features. Moreover, one can also enjoy discovering hidden gems and historical monuments along with the spectacular view of the hills.

9. Cooch Behar:-

It shares the boundary with Bangladesh on the western and southern sides, Known for its rich heritage. The vast water bodies present in the territory of Cooch Behar add more charm to the glory of this place.

10. Digha:-

One of the Best places in WB. its stunning sea beach, naturally blue water, and its beauty are very impressive to visit. It’s enjoyable and loving also.

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