Haryana the Green Land of India…… Know the best 10 destination place in Haryana…….

Haryana, the green land of India, is one of the best destination places. It’s considered the hotspot of all things cultural and natural, existing in sheer harmony with constructive human efforts. Could you let’s know about the best ten destination place in Haryana?

1. Chandigarh:-
Chandigarh is the Capital City of Haryana. It is the most beautiful and visited place in Haryana. Sukhna Lake, Iskcon Temple, Rose Garden, and Elante Mall are famous tourist places that always attack people.

2. Gurugram:-
Gurugram is known as the Millenium City of India, But everyone commonly knows it as Gurgaon. The top attractions places of gurugram are Cyber Hub, Oysters Beach Water Park, Appu Ghar Food Village etc.

3. Kurukshetra:-
Kurukshetra, the land of Bhagavad-Gita, is also one of the best visiting places in Haryana. Yotisar, Panorama & Science Centre, Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb, Raja Harsh ka Tila etc., are top tourist places here.

4. Karnal:-
The Paris of Hariyana is Karnak, the most beautiful and cleanest city. It is a famous tourist destination in North India. Here have several historical monuments and a stunning lack. Karna Lake, Kos Minar, Karnal Haveli, and Babar’s Masjid are the best places for visitors.

5. Panchkula:-
Panchkula is one of the excellent visiting sites of Haryana. Here you can find positive vibes because of its refreshing weather. Gurudwara Nanda Sahib, Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, and Chart But Zoo are the most attractive places for visitors.

6. Morni Hills:-
This is one of the Hill stations in Haryana. This hill station is one of the best romantic places for newlyweds. Tikkar Taal, Adventure Park, Morning Fort, and That Seats Temple are popular tourist places for each tourist.

7. Murthal:-
This city is known as the city of Highway Dhabas, which is the reason many foodies attract here.Here also have Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal Haveli, Jurassic Park etc.

8. Panipat:-
Panipat, without this place, Haryana looks empty . It is the top historical place of Haryana; many visiting sites like Tomb of Bu- Ali Shah Jalandhar, Panipat Museum, Kala Amb Parko, Kabuli Bagh etc.

9. Faridabad:-
It is called the Industrial Hub of Haryana. This land famous for craft Mela, Faridabad, is a must-visit tourist place in Haryana. Surajkund lake, Badkhal la ke, ISKCON temple etc., are alway,s attacking people .

10. Pinjore:-
Pinjore is another beautiful tourist place in Haryana .it is also known as the city of Gardens because you can find well-manicured gardens, beautiful heritage sites etc. Pinkies garden, Landscape cave, and Seven Terraces are their famous tourist place of theirs.

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