Mizoram one of the best destination place among seven sisters states in India…..Let look at the 10 most beautiful place in Mizoram…..

Mizoram is one of the seven sisters States of the North Eastern parts of India. This state in India is home to beautiful tourist places and natural views. One of the best cities for vacation for visitors. Let’s look at the ten best tourist places in Mizoram.

1. Aizawl:-
It is the capital of Mizoram and one of the most picturesque locations in the state. It is a bit of town clad by mountains, and greenery on all sides is the most attractive for visitors. It is the perfect place to forget all the pain and enjoy the most.

2. Lunglei:-
Lunglei considers the most peaceful place. It is the little village on the hill of Mizoram. It is a village all around the top of the mountain, and its natural beauty and fantastic view make the day for the visitors.

3. Mamit:-
The hill ranges of mami also happen to be the home to Dampa wildlife sanctuary is the top attraction of Mizoram. The serpent eagle, Malabar pied hornbill, and peacocks are famous here.

4. Kolasib:-
It is one of the most beautiful towns in Mizoram. It is the home of beautiful water bodies like Tamdil lake and the river of Tawang. Its blue water and covered view are the attraction of visitors.

5. Reiek:-
it is a beautiful village that’s located between the mountains of Mizoram. If someone wants to enjoy village life, the Reiek in Mizoram is the best place to experience village life.

6. Vantawang waterfalls:-
It is one of the major tourist attractions in Mizoram. It is also the state of 13th highest waterfall in the country. Its view is fantastic for spending some times with family and friends.

7. Phawngupui:-
It is one of the best tourist places for the wildlife lovers. This is one of the best places in the state to sight some rare species like barking dear, serow, goral, tiger, and leopards. It is the best picturesque destination place.

8. Tamdil lake:-
One of the most famous water bodies in Mizoram. If you love nature and want to spend time with mature, then it is the best place in Mizoram. The lake was covered with jungles, and dense greenery made the most beautiful view.

9. Saiha:-
The fastest growing town in Mizoram and a beautiful tourist place. If you are interested in angling and fishing, it’s the best place. It is also famous for its palak wildlife sanctuary.

10.Murlen National Park:-
It is also called the Amazon Forest of India, the best place in Mizoram. This park is covered with dense forest and a variety of Flora and fauna and is an attractive place for visitors.

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