OnePlus Collaborates With JioPages to Bring Web Browsing on OnePlus TV


OnePlus has announced that it is collaborating with JioPages to offer a Web browser on the OnePlus TV. JioPages, the Web browser offered by telecom giant Reliance Jio, will provide browsing option to the OnePlus TV via a Chromium engine migration. JioPages comes equipped with new features like VPN and Secure Mode to enable access to a variety of content for the OnePlus TV users. The users also have the option to browse through the Top Sites of various categories and add Quicklinks on their home screen. OnePlus TV users can select from three browsing modes — Standard Mode, Private Mode, and Study Mode. JioPages debuted on Android TV during mid-March and comes with regional language support.

JioPages will extend browsing features to OnePlus TV via a faster Chromium engine migration. The company says that this will help keep the browsing experience secure and provide a “desktop-like experience on the TV screens, coupled with smoother mouse navigation and voice search”. The browser also comes with an inbuilt Adblocker.

The Web browser by Reliance will come with two new features — VPN and Secure Mode —to enable access to global content and to limit third-party tracking and unnecessary browser advertisement.

OnePlus TV users will have the option to browse through the Top Sites of various categories through one click and add desired websites as Quicklinks on their home screen. Quicklinks also provides access to Jio specific apps like JioMart, JioCinema, and JioSaavn among others.

JioPages comes with regional language support for Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Gujarati among others. OnePlus TV users can select from three browsing modes —Standard Mode, Private Mode, Study Mode. The Study Mode provides a class-wise curation of educational content along with subject-wise channel suggestions, as well as access to popular educational websites.

Jiopages debuted on Android TV in March this year. The JioPages browser arrived as an update to the JioBrowser for Android mobile users and is claimed to have over 10 million downloads on the platform. The Web browser supports eight Indian languages and includes features such as a dedicated Videos section and a PDF reader to ease Web browsing for smart TV users. JioPages also came with a News section to let smart TV viewers watch trending news in any of the eight supported languages and even download e-newspapers to read news on a bigger screen.


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