Watch how Bollywood actress Preity Zinta celebrated her Kids first birthday .

Bollywood’s most famous actress Preity Zinta kids birthday new videos going viral on social media ?

we come across such videos which make our mind very happy But now we have seen such a video where Bollywood’s most famous actor Preity Zinta talk is going viral And where it was seen that Preity posted a photo of her twin boys and girls on social media and wished them their first birthday in a unique style.
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So let’s take a look at the whole incident that is going viral.

So you know that Preity Zinta is an actress whose acting magic always draws the audience towards her. However, the most talented actress got married to Jane Goodenough in 2016. And after that, after five years of marriage, she said that her life was pleasing And that the birth of her twins in 2021 made her happy.

Preity said A son and a daughter were born as twins. Then the girl’s name was Jiya, while the boy was Jay. Preity posted their photo on social media on their first birthday and expressed her deep love.

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he posted the picture with his daughter and wrote my love and my prayers are always
with you and will always be.
My heart is whole, and my mind feels joy and peace when I see a little smile on your face. Apart from that, he also wrote I am wishing you so much on your first birthday that your life is not empty today with such a smile and will last forever.
with which Happy Barth day My doll. Apart from that, Preity also shared the photo with her son Jay and wrote something like, “My life has been blessed to be your mother.” She also said that these two are God’s wonderful gift to her and Love you, Mun. Happy birthday as well, Which is now going viral on social media.

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